Erinessence was founded in the cross-section of my love of fragrances, and my love of making people happy.

It began from a desire to create candles that look beautiful and smell even better… handmade, with love, from only the highest quality ingredients.

As my business transformed, I introduced new offerings. Completely customisable candles. Personalised hampers. High-quality home décor that really makes people feel something.

Each erinessence item is carefully crafted to transport you somewhere else. 

A luxury day spa.
A sun-soaked picnic. 

A boutique, seaside resort. 

A cozy couch aside crackling fire with a cup of cocoa. 

I created erinessence to make an impact. To spread love, and to energize the homes, and souls of people around Australia.”

Erin, founder of erinessence